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The Editorial Hub Ltd was set up by Naomi Conneely and Stephanie Sacharov in early 2014 to offer peer review co-ordination and administration to publishers, institutions and societies of peer-reviewed journals and books.

With more than thirty years of editorial experience between them, Naomi and Stephanie offer a professional, rounded service, with expertise across a range of journal management systems.


Naomi Conneely

"To listen is to learn”

Naomi is co-founder of The Editorial Hub and has provided professional services in the publishing industry since 2004.

Working alongside her co-founder, Stephanie Sacharov, her personal goal is to provide an exceptional customer service and experience to all clients.

Her strong people skills come as a result of her working as a trained staff nurse, which eventually moved her into a new career path when she joined the pharmaceutical industry. This shift in direction took her into a sales role where she became passionate about customer service and delivery.

‘To listen is to learn’ is her primary focus, as she develops her skills and helps support new and existing clients. Her medical background and time in “Pharma” encouraged her to explore research and, ultimately, led her into publishing - an area where she is firmly remaining.


Stephanie Sacharov

 “No compromise on quality of output”

Stephanie is the co-founder of The Editorial Hub and she is jointly responsible for the day-to-day running of the business and managing new accounts.

With a background in training, a passion for research and a commitment to the sharing of knowledge to a worldwide audience, Stephanie has always been drawn to publishing. She is fully committed to working on processes that ensure the quality of published articles is not compromised by bad practices.

Stephanie started freelancing for Oxford University Press (OUP) before being invited to work as part of their in-house journals team. She still has a close relationship with OUP and is often called upon to take on some of their more complicated journals.

Stephanie’s previous experience in teaching and event organising ensures The Editorial Hub can offer excellent training and well-organised support, not only to their clients, but also to the team of freelancers.


We are lucky to work with a fantastic team of dynamic freelancers who, between them, bring a wealth of invaluable experience. They each approach their editorial roles with enthusiasm and professionalism, and their range of expertise means we are always able to find the right Managing Editor for our journals and publications, as well as unparalleled, high quality support from our Editorial Assistants.

If you are an experienced Managing Editor or have extensive experience in scholarly or academic publishing and would be interested in joining our team, please do get in touch.



Jessica Ashdown-Hyde

Jessica has been working as an editorial assistant since 2013 and is highly experienced in the use of Editorial Manager. She is knowledgable of all stages of academic peer review. She is highly motivated and always eager to learn more. She has excellent customer service and communication skills that she will bring to the administration of your journal.

When not working, Jessica loves to travel, devour books, spend time with her dogs, and try her hand at cooking. She is especially passionate about Italian and Arabic literature.


Molly Barnard

Molly is about to enter her third year in full time study of Textile Design at Falmouth University and has recently joined the team in 2018 on a part time, freelance basis assisting with peer review management on ScholarOne.

When not drawing or painting - for university and as a hobby - Molly likes to spend as much time as possible making the most of the Cornish environment, swimming and exploring what the coast has to offer. in addition, Molly works with St John Ambulance, providing first aid at various events across the country.


Ali Bentley

Ali is a Zoology graduate and has a PhD in Immunology. After a period in cancer research she moved to France where she translated research papers into English. Translation continued on her UK return, working on various academic databases. Becoming the managing editor of several journals followed, working within a university setting and on a freelance basis for a number of publishers. She has been in academic publishing for 30 years, with 20 years ScholarOne experience. As a published author, she has a valuable appreciation of the publishing process from both author and publishing perspectives.

Ali is now based in Northumberland and Singapore.


Penny Brown

Penny has been working as an editorial manager in scholarly publishing since 2006 and is experienced in the use of ScholarOne Manuscripts.  She enjoys working on her journals as much now as she did in 2006 and finds there is always something new to learn.

When not working, Penny enjoys time with her family, trips to the coast and has found a new passion for e-biking!


Caroline Burson

Caroline joined The Editorial Hub team as an editorial assistant in May 2015. In that time, she has gained a wide knowledge of the role working with both large and small journals. Adapting her skills and knowledge to cater for each individual journal has been key; they all require different processes and procedures. She enjoys the variety each day brings - no two days are the same.

Caroline’s background is in sales and administration. She worked for an American company for a number of years before leaving to have children and to spend almost 10 years living in south west France.


Chris Cain

Chris graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in Economics and Politics in 2020. He then started a Master’s degree at SOAS, University of London working towards an MSc in Environment, Politics and Development. Chris has a strong passion for the environment and nature, indicated by his Jaguar conservation work in the Costa Rican Rainforest.

Ultimately, he hopes this experience will lead him into the climate and conservation industry.


Emily Casey

Emily is in her final year of studying English at The University of Nottingham. She is looking to go into the publishing industry after university, particularly the editorial side of things, which is why she enjoy this job so much.

Whilst at university, Emily has been Editor-in-Chief for the official magazine, Impact and has loved every minute. She also enjoys running and can’t wait to get travelling once it’s safe to do so.


Rachel Cleal

Rachel joined The Editorial Hub in October 2017 as an Editorial Assistant on a part-time basis, following a career break. She is competent in using both ScholarOne and eJournalPress. Rachel enjoys the amount of variety that this role has to offer, as well as relishing the chance to support a very wide variety of clients.

Prior to working with us, Rachel worked in training and in HR. She has found the customer service and IT skills that she gained in these prior roles have proved invaluable in her work for The Editorial Hub.


Susan Clifford

Susan has been working with The Editorial Hub since 2016.  In a previous career, she authored several papers herself and read many more in a role reviewing clinical evidence for NHS guidelines. She has also worked as a Health Economist. She likes working with journals and using ScholarOne Manuscripts, finding it an interesting change to see things from the “other side”.

Outside of work, she enjoys evenings at book club, holiday planning and baking sweet things.


Karen Coldwell

Karen has worked in STM journals publishing for over 20 years in both production and editorial roles. She is proficient in the use of ScholarOne and production tacking systems. She went freelance in 2016 and joined the Editorial Hub Team shortly afterwards.

When not working or studying, Karen volunteers for a local talking news for the blind group and enjoys knitting for her grandchildren.


Anouska Colledge

Anouska joined The Editorial Hub in 2015 as an Editorial Assistant. Since joining the team, she has worked on a number of journals and, more recently, books. Anouska comes from a human resources background, predominantly in telecommunications. Her previous role was at Virgin Media where she enjoyed working for 11 years.

Anouska has two children and spends a lot of time outdoors, whether it is supporting her son playing for the local football team or mucking out their pony and taking her daughter to pony club events.


Nuala Conneely

Nuala is currently studying French and Italian at the University of Kent. She has recently joined the team as an editorial assistant.

Nuala is a member of Kent University's Rowing Club, and also enjoys taking part in the University's music groups. She hopes in the future to be able to use her language skills to help her to travel and see more of the world.


Colleen Cusworth

An experienced project manager with over 15 years in publishing, Colleen possesses expertise in peer review, online submission systems, and digital publishing. Colleen has managed editorial offices for several HumSoc and SciMed titles, provided technical support for online submission systems, and she has also managed a team of freelance editorial assistants. As a project manager, Colleen has delivered iOS apps, managed and maintained content on websites, and worked with multiple content management systems.

Colleen has recently become a mum and joining the team has allowed her to spend more time with her wonderful son and watch him grow up.


Jodie Elgey

Jodie joined The Editorial Hub in 2019 bringing with her 9 years’ experience working with all areas of academic peer review.  She has worked on several large society journals across both Editorial Manager and ScholarOne. She is enjoying the variety of work that her new role with The Editorial Hub offers.

Jodie enjoys spending time with her family at the weekends and supporting her children with their football teams.


Diana Epstein

Diana has been working as a managing editor in scholarly publishing since 1996 and is experienced in the use of ScholarOne and Editorial Manager.  She enjoys working on her journals as much now as she did in 1996 and finds there is always something new to learn. She also enjoys working with the editors, authors and publishers!

When not working, Diana enjoys time with her family, cats, walking and baking.


Rebecca Fitchett

Rebecca has worked as a freelance editorial assistant with several journals for over seven years, gaining experience in ScholarOne, Editorial Manager, Cognos, and AllenTrack. Prior to this, she worked as a business and systems analyst in the retail industry and continues to provide this service for local businesses. 

She enjoys using her previous experience to help publishers, editors and reviewers work towards efficient processes.


Melissa Fowler

After going freelance in 2016, Mel was very pleased to join The Editorial Hub team. She has been working in academic publishing ever since and is now well-versed in using both eJournalPress and ScholarOne Manuscripts.

Other than her experience in peer review, Mel worked in the medical industry and in media and accountancy as a personal assistant to senior members of the companies. This experience means she is, of course, an ideal person to support our journal editors efficiently and effectively.


Sylvia Hales

Sylvia joined The Editorial Hub in 2019 bringing with her 16 years of experience working within all areas of academic peer review.  She has previously worked for two scientific journals on ScholarOne. She is enjoying the flexibility of work that her new role with The Editorial Hub offers.

She lives in Kent and enjoys spending time with her daughter and family. When she is not busy running her online baby clothing business, she enjoys going to the gym.


Elaine Halls

Elaine has worked in the public sector for most of her working career and has naturally been drawn to roles that allow her to work closely with people in a problem-solving capacity. For many years, she has been running journals on both ScholarOne and Editorial Manager and enjoys being able to make the processes more straightforward for both the authors and editors, which results in efficiently run journals.

In her spare time, Elaine likes to draw lifelike animal portraits in coloured pencil, alongside many other crafting hobbies. She especially loves spending time with her family and dogs.


Alexandra Hough

Alexandra has over ten years experience working in peer reviewed scientific journals, predominantly on Editorial Manager. With a background in communications and account management, she has excellent client and customer relationship skills.

Adept at project management, Alexandra enjoys the variety of journals that her role at The Editorial Hub encompasses. 


Joshua Hersant

Joshua joined The Editorial Hub team in 2021 as an editorial assistant working on ScholarOne manuscripts. Joshua studied Forensic Science as an undergraduate and completed his studies at the University of Kent in 2020. He has since gone on to study towards a Master's degree in Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology at University College London, and has started the process of applying for a PhD with UCL's Department of Security and Crime Science.

In his free time, Joshua enjoys reading, spending time with his dog Winnie, and socialising with friends.


Grace Hunt

Grace has recently joined the team, working part-time as a freelance Editorial Assistant. Grace graduated from the University of Exeter in 2019 with a degree in Conservation Biology and Ecology.

Since graduating, she has combined her love of nature and videography by working as a freelance wildlife filmmaker. She is currently working on a film showcasing the wonderful wildlife of Welsh sand dunes. When she is not out with her camera, Grace is busy making zero-waste Christmas crackers for her small business Conscious Crackers.


Helen Johnson

Helen is based in Oxfordshire and joined The Editorial Hub in March 2019 as a part-time editorial assistant. Helen offers over 32 years of experience from her personal assistant background and is extremely proficient with both ScholarOne and Editorial Manager.

Helen is happily married with one teenage daughter.  Outside of work, she can either be found helping out her daughter with her loaned horse or watching her football team, Newcastle United!


Sarah King

Sarah has been working in administration and customer service roles for over 30 years and has been a freelance editorial assistant in academic publishing since 2007.  She is experienced in the use of ScholarOne Manuscripts and joined the Editorial Hub team in July 2020.

Sarah lives in Hampshire with her husband and grown up daughter; she enjoys cooking, fitness classes, playing badminton, travelling, and spending time with her family and friends.


Emma Leverton

Emma has previously worked in scholarly publishing as a publisher, commissioning editor, content editor, and editorial manager. She is a keen advocate for environmentalism and social justice and has previously applied her passions to her work, having been involved in the fields of health, autism, food, and black and BME mental health, among others. Emma went freelance in early 2020 following a move to Germany.

When not working, Emma enjoys writing haiku poetry, hula hooping, and vegetarian cooking. Emma is also a member of her local roller derby team.


Nikki Parsons

Nikki is a chemistry graduate with 25 years of experience in laboratories, research & development (R&D), trials and sales, working within medical, paper and water industries, as well as education.  As a published author herself, Nikki is able to fully understand and support both authors and editors during the peer review process.

She is highly experienced in peer review, reviewer selection and managing journals using several editorial management systems, including Editorial Manager, EJournalPress, Epress, and ScholarOne Manuscripts.


Kate Pearson

Kate joined The Editorial Hub in April 2019, following a career break, before which she worked in publishing for over 10 years. Kate’s first publishing roles were at Taylor & Francis as publishing editor for physical science journals and managing editor for applied science journals. She moved to IOP Publishing to be publisher for three mathematical physics journals. Following a stint in HR, having completed an MA in Human Resources Management, Kate worked at Bioscientifica (a subsidiary of the Society for Endocrinology) as business development manager in the publishing team, where she was responsible for launching new products.

For all her journals experience, Kate is now enjoying her role of office manager for The Editorial Hub.


Lynsey Rowland

Lynsey has been working as a freelance Managing Editor since 2011, mainly dealing with ScholarOne Manuscripts for numerous journals. She joined The Editorial Hub in December 2015. She has also worked for a utilities company as Team Leader in Major Business Accounts, where she managed a team of 10 people.

She lives with her husband and two children and enjoys watching her children play football at the weekends, along with other sporting activities, such as tennis and swimming. She enjoys cooking, gardening and spending time in her house in Greece.


Lizzy Seal

Lizzy has been working in scholarly publishing since 2006 and has managed various journal portfolios at Taylor & Francis and Emerald Publishing, as well as several freelance projects along the way. Having joined The Editorial Hub in August 2018, she enjoys working with editors and authors again, but focuses on peer review management at this time.

When not working, Lizzy enjoys walking or running in the Yorkshire Dales with her dog Maggie, family life and yoga.


Maud Swanson

Maud joined The Editorial Hub as a freelancer in March 2020 after working for four years with a publishing services company, where she gained experience in editorial office, book preparation, proofreading and copy-editing. She has degrees in microbiology and plant virology, and, more recently, studied sustainable development as a mature student. Maud worked in agricultural research for many years and hopes that this background helps her relate well to authors, editors and reviewers.

Based in Perthshire, Maud has a grown-up family and enjoys outdoor activities such as tennis and skiing. She is also a volunteer gardener at nearby Falkland Palace.


Debs Wardle

Debs has been working in scholarly publishing since 2007 in various capacities and is proficient in the use of ScholarOne Manuscripts, Editorial Manager, and eJournalPress. Since going freelance full time in 2012, Debs has worked as a Managing Editor with several companies both in the US and UK, and was delighted to join the Editorial Hub team in 2016.

Aside from her experience with peer review management, Debs has been working in online marketing since 2013 and currently runs the social media accounts for two companies. She is also a screen writer, avid hiker, and occasional blogger. She can generally be found drinking tea with her partner in her Oxford home.


Our next team member!

If you're experienced in ScholarOne, Editorial Manager or EJPress and would like to join the team then please get in touch: [email protected]