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Our Services

Although we specialise in journal peer review administration, we also offer these services for books, conference proceedings, and books of abstracts. Please do get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Our professional journal services:

  • Peer review management

Working with editors to ensure that manuscripts move through the peer review process as swiftly as possible. Our expertise in using online journal management systems means we are also able to assist users in resolving system related problems.

  • Journal mailbox management

Handling all administrative related correspondence such as author enquires, reviewer extension requests, undeliverable email notifications, etc. leaving the editors free to focus on the research.

  • Journal reports

Collating and analysing statistics such as submission numbers, processing times, and rejection rates.

  • Transitioning accepted manuscripts

Developing a close relationship with production editors to ensure a seamless transition for accepted manuscripts from the end of peer review to the start of the publication process.

  • General site admin and trouble-shooting

Keeping on top of the day-to-day running of the journal and working with editors, authors, and reviewers to ensure that peer review runs smoothly.

  • Board meeting attendance and minute taking

Being on hand to offer insights from our experience on your journal, but also from our extensive experience working in the scholarly publishing industry.

  • In-house editorial training

Providing system orientation services for new editors, including helping to ease the transition from manual/spreadsheet submission to online peer review.

  • Reviewer selection

Identifying experts as potential reviewers thereby relieving some of the pressure of running a busy journal for the editors.

In addition to providing a permanent standard journal service we:

  • Can step in at short notice to offer temporary journal cover for holidays, sickness, and maternity leave.
  • Are confident in our ability to work with any bespoke peer review management system.
  • Can assist with your in-house editorial training requirements.
  • Will work with you to deliver exactly what is required in a timely and professional manner.